Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Fungi Day To Stash A Cache.

After finishing my half day Saturday shift I went home to find a parcel from the postman that I had been waiting for...A rubber snake ! Now there is a good reason that I wanted this snake, for the last few months for those who are regular visitors to the blog you will know I have been geocaching, I have collected a few & now I want to return the favour to other geocachers & create some caches of my own for others to find, I have already got one in place that has been found a few times & I had a 'eureka' moment for this cache. Not far from my house there is a farm called Aikengall which I have mentioned in a few previous posts & Aikengall is locally famous for it's population of Adders which are the U.K's only venomous snake. Geocaches come in all shapes & sizes & all sorts of strange objects to hide them in so with my 'eureka' moment I thought that I would hide my cache inside a rubber snake !!! So choosing the Giant as my choice bike for the day as it has chunkier tyres for grassy field trail that I chose to go I made for the hills...

Nice damp afternoon with all the seasons vegetation starting to fall & rot giving the air that earthy damp smell which I love at this time of the year.

While looking for a suitable place to stash my cache hidden out the way from someone stumbling across it I came across a homely wee camp site.

 The rustic colours of autumn.

Some amazingly beautiful fungus in the autumn I only wish that I had a better knowledge of their names & which were edible, the only mushrooms I am familiar with are Button mushrooms from the supermarket & Liberty Cap ( magic ) mushrooms that I used to indulge in during my rebellious young days, oh happy days they were, but I do appreciate the strange alien like beauty of mushrooms.

Good cycling food nuts & raisins although I wouldn't want to eat these raisins they're a bit deer !!!

My geocache stashed in the crook of a tree ready for all to find, all I have to do is check the GPS co-ordinates then log it onto the Geocache website to be reviewed. The little screw top container in the snake's mouth holds the log book which geocachers date & sign with their chosen i.d. name.
What a real Adder looks like.

Leaving Aikengall & heading home a different route cross country through grazing land, field boundaries & stubble fields.

This is how farmers know if the ram has mated with the ewes, as bottom picture shows the ram who is wearing a bib with blue dye on it & when he mates with the ewe he leaves a blue mark on her as shown on above pictures.

More rustic & earthy shades of autumn.

Swamp biking through the glen below Blackcastle hill which was very waterlogged & boggy, good for a leg work out & I'm glad I brought the Giant with it's chunky tyres.

A cow's identity tag which has fallen out, don't know why I put it behind the wire it's not as if it's a hat or gloves or something that someone might be looking for !!!
Wish I had taken more notice of this warning !! Yet more young daft bullocks curious at my being in their field, each getting braver than the other getting closer & closer until I bottle it & bolt to become the Hare for the Greyhound to chase making silly YAH noises at them, which doesn't seem to deter them ! Gets the heart pumping brilliant buzz hearing this herd of hooves thundering across the grass chasing after you :-)

One of the gun posts which are in a row so many yards apart, where a paying gun will stand at his designated post to shoot Pheasants, behind the bushes there is a small glen where beaters will chase the birds up into the air for the guns to have a shot at, a very popular  sport around this area. The season starts 1st October-1st February. So you have to be careful where you decide to off-road cycle at this time of year.

Torness power station behind the wall & the Bass rock looking as if it's floating in a sea of game crop.

Doesn't everyone loves muddy puddles ?
Peek-a-moo !
The rest of the mob coming to see what I'm up to ? It's as if they sense that I used to be a butcher & are trying to get their own back by chasing me.

The home of MTB Innerwick Stravaiger down the hill nearly home.

Tyme cottage & Innerwick kirk, it's a great time of the year to see familiar sights & views at a different angle with the fields still stubble after the harvest.

Anyway time to call it a night, please come back soon for more sight seeing around East Lothian & the Dunbar area.
Thanks for looking :-)