Saturday, 7 December 2013

Storm Surge !

Thursday 5th of December was a day many people will not forget in a hurry. A huge tidal storm surge the biggest since 1953 with accompanying gale force winds battered the coast of the U.K. So unfortunately for me I was on the wrong shift at work to go for a look around the harbour & coastline, so today's planned trek was for a wee blast up some hills then drop down onto  the coast to have a look at the extent of the damage.

Leaving my home village of Innerwick behind heading westwards & taking a field track to the top of Brunt Hill. Freshly cut hawthorn hedges so only a matter of time before I had a flat tyre !

At the top of Brunt Hill & that's the leg workout done for the day, descending past the big old beech tree's down to the Doon just outside the village of Spott en route  to the coast.

Surfs up ! 
Down at Belhaven a popular hangout for surfer dudes  & other beach & watersport enthusiaists but with the sea still having a big swell there were loads of surfers today making the most of the big waves. The 'Bridge to Nowhere' would of been interesting to see because at normal high tide the water is not too far from the walkway on the bridge.
Bottom photo you can see how high the water has been with all the seaweed & debris strewn across the road.

The 'Fiddlers Green' boat waiting on the tide coming in so the boat can enter the harbour, as I was watching it for a while it looked a bit bumpy out there with the big swell rocking the boat around.

The big breakers battering the coastline.

Views around the Victoria harbour just as the tide is slowly on it's way in. Also what could be a familiar sight for a fellow local blogger !

The old Cromwell harbour at normal low tide...

...& these photos that a friend Lynsey took while the tidal surge was high & kindly allowing me to use them for all to see, Lynsey's husband is a local fisherman so it must of been worrying times for them & the other fisherman whether their boats & equipment would take much damage.

As you can see with Lynsey's photos above with the lobster creels that are normally safe on the harbour pier they are covered by the rising water & my photos of the damage caused to them, a bit of untangling to be done !
An unusual orb to find in Dunbar, spotted this in someone's garden a brilliant idea as you can turn it to always face the sun.

Some damaged caused along the towns east esplanade, amazing the power of water some of the slabs must weigh well over a ton !

Coastal erosion along the shore edge of the Dunbar golf coarse, the red markers that you can see is the designated John Muir Way route but some sections are totally gone.

All sorts of curious treasures washed up or uncovered from cattle bones, crockery, a house water tank & strange cast iron dish thing which if I could of fitted into my backpack I would of took home for the garden.

Quite a bit of damage at this section with sand & rocks along with other debris washed onto the fairways, also a big chunk of the JMW missing along with the red marker poles, you can see by the bridge how high the water had been.

More surfer dudes finding the waves.

Whitesands beach famed for it's beautiful white clean sand now all covered in rock & seaweed.

Last couple of pictures before home.
A special thanks to Lynsey for allowing me to use her harbour photos.
Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoyed the post...

...'Storm Surge'
bye for now :-)