Sunday, 16 November 2014

Up & Doon

It's been a while since I've cycled down along the coast as I've been enjoying cycling around the countryside soaking up & enjoying the seasons  rustic autumn colours, so today I thought I would share the day between the countryside & then dropping down to the coast, so I head off in the direction of the Thurston Manor caravan park to access the Thurston glen.

 It's hard to see the path for the tree's & rotting fallen leaves which were very slippy under the tyres along with the damp, wet steps which are much more steeper than the picture suggests.

Not giving it a thought that after the heavy rain overnight the burn I had to cross would be as swollen, but after picking a route I made it through without getting wet or falling off !

 The Thurston glen looked absolutely amazing in it's colourful autumn shroud & not forgetting that rotting damp earthy vegetation smell. 

A hop over the fence & I was into the land belonging to the Brunt shooting estate, where normally there are cow's & sheep but at this time of the year they have been removed to allow the pheasant shoots to take place.

Six crossings across the burn as it weaves from side to side as it meanders along the glen & by the sixth crossing my feet were un-avoidably wet !

 Strong earthy smells from the foliage.

Uphill from the glen below you could physically feel the temperature difference as the the cold morning air seemed to be settled down in the valley below. 

 The day was very still & even up here on the Brunt hill you could hear the loud far distant roar of the sea below.

I don't know who got the bigger fright me or the two roe deer as I gave them a fright when I passed through a tree covered field boundary with cattle grid which gave them a fright as I went over it so they bolted right along side me.

 Muddy wet farm tracks coming off the hill & down into Spott farm, great fun.

I haven't been to the Doon Hill trig point for a while so thought I would take a wee detour as it has a good view overlooking Dunbar & have a quick bite to eat.

 Great views in all directions, very quiet & very still with only the rumble of the sea in the distance.

 Passing by the Dark Age Settlement of Doon Hill.
Down by the coast now at Whitesands & the sea was huge today, massive breaking waves rolling in on the huge swell. There were dozens of surfer dudes bobbing around in the water.

 Along the shore path to Barns Ness where I always like to stop to read the latest countryside news from the East Lothian Ranger Service.
 Don't know what these mushrooms are but they had an un-canny resemblance to burger buns.

Salty sea spray being blown in off the high rolling surf as I pedalled by Barns Ness lighthouse on the way to Torness.

Apologies for the quality of these last few pictures as my camera battery died on me & my phone had condensation on the lens :-/
Around the Torness power station boundary the waves were even bigger & were hammering the coastal defensive dolo's, as they crashed I was getting soaked with the spray :-) all in a day's cycling around the coast.
Anyway that's a wrap for today, it was a nice little cruise up the hills & along the coast then it was back home for a coffee & then to power wash the bike & finally a soak in the bath feeling accomplished. 
Cheers for stopping by & looking.