Friday, 5 June 2015

A Splash Of Blue & A Hint Of Green

It was a lovely sunny day so I thought I'd give my friend Davy a visit who lives just along the road in the next village, so deciding to  take trip along the coast & a return by the hill roads it sounded like a good plan...

Down a track which runs alongside a field & then onto the newly tarred Market Road. 

Then onto another track down to Crowhill farm with Torness power station to my left.

Crossing the A1 road & I was soon onto the pristine beach of Thorntonloch & other than bumping into a friend from the village who was out walking her dog, I had the beach all to myself.

Not wanting to get my feet wet I left the beach to cross over the Thornton Burn where I spied a grey heron further upstream stalking the burn for it's dinner, beautiful big birds heron's are.

Crossing the bridge over the Thornton Burn & back along the shore path which was covered in red campion.

Over another small bridge & up the hill onto the John Muir link path to Dunbar for walkers of the Southern Upland Way which starts/ends in Cockburnspath, the views from up here gives a more widespread view of both the beach & sea.

A move I was soon regretting & wishing that I'd stayed down on the beach as the path was pretty much swallowed up with the overgrown long grass up here. All that was going through my head was how many hitch hiking ticks have latched onto my legs while bush whacking through this long grass !

Glad to be out of the field & into Bilsdean wood, but before going any further I stopped to clear out all the grass that had wound around the sprockets & gear mechanism.

Arriving at the village of Cockburnspath to visit my friend Davy for a mug of tea & a blether while munching our way through his well stocked biscuit tin.
After fuelling up on biscuits & tea I took off for home via the hill roads & opposite Davy's house there is a great little track along the edge of the Eildbalks Wood leading into Dunglass Dean.

After crossing over the Dunglass Dean bridge & into the estate grounds to have a look around the Dunglass collegiate church, interesting as always, the church has become very popular for wedding ceremonies.

 It's not the first time that Iv'e taken pictures of bikes inside the church, this is my hardtail lowrider chop that I built back in the day & in that day I had a full head of lovely golden locks too heheh.
Not the best pictures but they were taken in the pre digital days on an old 35mm camera that I had.

Cycling through the estate grounds which has many colourful ornamental rhododendrn plants & a lonesome coo watching me pedal by.

Leaving the well manicured grounds of Dunglass estate & heading for the hills through the woods & following a farm track.
Horrible metal monsters marching through & spoiling the countryside.

A field of cow's & I'm as curious about them as they are about me, I watched them for a while which started of with a few then more & more of them were getting brave & coming over to the gate, I on the other hand thought that their numbers were increasing a bit too much & thought they might push through the gate so bottled it & I was the one who bolted.

The resemblance is uncanny...
...poor coo !
I love this wee trail from Branxton through to Old Branxton, although only a few hundred yards long it's a nice wee nature feast of a trail.

Of all the hedgerows that Iv'e passed today full of thorns & prickles  I somehow picked up a drawing pin somewhere on my travels :-/ But at least it was quick to find the hole & no hunting with a jewellers eye to find a thorn stuck in the tyre.

After fixing the puncture I was soon back on the rubber road ride to freedom all the way back to sunny Innerwick.

Thanks for the visit :-)