Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back In The RED - Glentress

I have a new found love for the Glentress 7Stanes trail centre all down to having the right tool for the job... Rocky Mountain full susser bike !

Disappointed the other week my friend John who never brought i.d.  with him & therefore was unable to hire one of the trail centre's bikes, so he decided to go shopping & bought himself a second hand Cube bike & all the regalia to go with it, baggy shorts, helmet, gloves, backpack etc, etc. 
I think it's safe to say he has caught the mountain biking bug probably down to sitting in my van the last time we were here looking at all the other mtb'ers with envy.
 So it was back down we went to Glentress for a day on the trails.

After about 400 yards John was off & pushing, which gave me time to take a couple of pictures in between giving him abusive encouragement !
 Finally we reached the Buzzard nest car park further up the hill which is pretty much the hub to gain access to the various trails.

Before we hit the trails we had a wee muck about at the Freeride park & Skills area, how John never went over the bars is beyond me ?? 

Cracking sunny weather a perfect day for it.

A clearing in the tree's giving superb views across the Cheviot hills & the Tweed valley below, a welcome rest stop for John to take some fluids on board.

Onwards & upwards, I couldn't help but keep laughing at John's face of fatigue.
Much to John's relief we arrived at the start point of the Red route 'The spooky wood' descent. Joining up with other mtb'ers readying themselves for the rewarding battle down the trails.

Stopping to take the obligatory photo's at the meteorite stane after the first part of the descent.
As I forgot to charge my GoPro on my last trip here I made sure that it was fully charged up this time, so from here on in there are no more pictures just the video from top to bottom...
...Enjoy ! 
Thank you for visiting.