Monday, 5 October 2015

"Laggan Wolftrax" Mountain Bike Trails With Bite !

Our annual family holiday to the stunningly beautiful Aviemore, nestled amongst the Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands.
I had planned three ride outs while I was up here but only managed to do two of them due to a bike breakdown which happened on my second ride out but I'll go into that more on the next blog post.

My first day out on the bike I took a 40 minute drive to the nearby Laggan Wolftrax mountain bike trail centre. An excellent trail centre consisting of green, red, orange & black graded trails, situated amongst some of Scotland's finest scenery with fantastic technical features to negotiate. 

Trail map.

Leaving the trail centre car park I set off up the forestry fire road eager to see what lay ahead.

I came to the first trail, the orange graded trail which I cautiously descended to start with. The orange route is sort of in two halves split in two by the fire road, I decided to head back up the hill after arriving back at the fire road as to complete the orange it would of taken me all the way back down to the car park & then I would of had to cycle all the way back up again, so I opted to leave this second section until the end of my day.

Back up the fire road again climbing even higher up towards the red & black trails soaking up those views.

Arriving near to the top along the fire road the trail levels off a bit & onto a nice single track towards the start of the red & black routes.

Taking five to have a top up of H2O & an energy cereal bar looking outward to some impressive scenery.

Not sure whether to do the red or black it was down to the toss of a coin & the red route won. As with the orange the red route is split into two an upper & lower route. Once down it was up the fire road again to take on the lower red passing by the trail centres top feature the 'Air's Rock' slab.

Sporting my new skid lid the Fox rampage pro carbon helmet, love it !

Setting off along the lower red trail but taking a small detour onto the black graded feature of Air's Rock. I think a small improvement of a steeper banked berm at the bottom would be better so that you didn't have to brake & you could take the speed of the descent with you around the berm at the bottom.
On exiting onto the fire road again I took the bottom half of the orange trail back down to the car park, another good trail with some good rocky features on the way along with berms & a couple of good jumps. As it was virgin trails to me I didn't give it the 'hell for leather' that I normally like to do at trail centres but now that Iv'e been here I now know what to expect so when I come back I can as we say in Scotland 'gie it laldy' !

A great morning was had here at Laggan Wolftrax & I look forward to returning next year but next time spend the whole day. Not many photos taken today as I don't like stopping to take pictures as it spoils the fluency of the ride down the trails so instead I have made up a Go-Pro video of my mornings work, I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for looking & come back soon to see my second Aviemore holiday adventure titled:-

"The High's & Lows Of Munros 2 & 6"