Tuesday, 19 January 2016

There's Snow Hope Getting To Lammer Law

It was the first heavy snowfall locally higher up in the Lammermuir Hills, we had a small dusting in Innerwick which was all gone by the morning & there was a covering still up behind Innerwick on the higher ground, so I had a the great thought of driving up to the Hopes & go for a ride up to the top of Lammer Law for some snow covered panoramic views at the summit of the Lammermuir Hills second highest hill.
The day did not turn out as planned !

It didn't take long to reach snow covered roads & the surrounding scenery looked amazing, the snow was covering everything, very calm with no wind to blow it off from the tree branches.

Parking up the van at East Hopes I set of with great expectations along the snow covered road looking forward to the wintry views from the summit of Lammer Law but I soon realised that this was going to be a hard task.

It was near impossible to cycle along the flat road let alone cycling uphill & within a few hundred yards of my van already I was on foot pushing my bike.

Wading through fairly deep snow & climbing uphill it was a real struggle but as I trudged onwards I soon could see the Hopes reservoir in all it's winter glory. The snow was around 4-6 inches deep & about knee height where it had drifted, it was very powdery snow, the type that cannot be compacted into snowballs.

With all the recent heavy rain a vast amount of water was pouring down the overflow from the reservoir, it would be fun if it froze over. 

It was a real winter scene, fluffy unspoilt white snow, black skeletal trees & shrubs & the reservoir reflected the brilliant bright blue sky, it all looked very pristine & perfect.

For such a short walk to here my leg muscles were already aching & I quickly realised that today was going to be a no go, I still had a long way to go to reach Lammer Law & the track went deeper into the hills so I reckoned that the snow drifts would only get worse with pretty much no cycling to be had at all, so taking the obligatory bike photos I about turned & rode back the way I came trying to keep upright.

 I was absolutely gutted that I had to go back but hey ho that's the gamble with the weather & today the snow won !

As I rode back I kept on seeing these little birds, I wasn't sure what they were so by the power of social media ( a facebook group page  called Scottish birds & wildlife ) I found out that they were stonechats this one in particular a female.

Nearing my van the weather was quickly turning moody & it looked like more snow was coming over the hills.

Back to my wee van I put the bike in the back & set off for home with my tail between my legs.

It was fun & games driving along the snow covered roads let alone cycling them, dreading I would meet another car coming the other way which eventually happened, luckily it was a 4x4 so they were courteous enough to move over for me so I didn't lose momentum.

Stopping to get a couple of pictures of the snowy Lammermuirs which looked flat today with everything blanketed under snow if only I had a couple of John Deere tyres on my bike I might of made it to the top.
However it was nice to have been out in the snow albeit just for a little while, I love the snow & I think most folk revert back to their childhood when it snows, it certainly bring out the happy me anyway.
So I thank you for the visit & next time I'll plan my day a wee bitty better & get out for a decent cycle & get a few miles in !