Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Summit To Plummet.

The weekend plan was to ride from my home village of Innerwick, up the hills & down to the coast along to the Cove which is just across the border into Berwickshire to collect a Geocache, then climb up & up to the highest local point which overlooks over the Firth of Forth with great views of the coast line & beyond...

Natures bounty of Hawthorn berries, Rose Hips, Elder berries & Brambles, all useful to people but I like to leave for the wildlife to plunder the spoils of late summer.

Looking along to the coast & a road sign used for target practice, there are lots of road signs around here which seem to used as targets.

The Linn waterfall on the west end approach to Dunglass beach, some dodgy sycamore tree's clinging to the edge of the ravine.

Huge piles of washed up 'kelp' seaweed gathered on the rocky shoreline after the big northerly winds we had at the tail end of last week.

Some shore views, looking west towards Torness, odd looking rocks & how do things end up where they are !!
This huge oak tree still hanging on to the side of this cliff, it always amazes me this tree how survives hanging onto the rock, the roots must be huge to support it's shear weight.

The little old days fishing hamlet of the Cove which has to me a very Cornish feel to it, seems to be a bit of neighbourly competition going on with their garden gates, the cat one wins for me.

Amazing geology along this coastline.

An abandoned oak timbered housing project due to the road being undermined by subsidence leading to the build & that's after the road was upgraded too !

The picturesque Cove harbour.

I'm not sure what this mast is for or why it is here but I think it must be for some sort of maritime use :-/

After collecting a geocache, time to about turn & head for the hills to give the lungs & legs a proper workout. The above is some sort of sculpture, a buckled piece of rail track with a plaque on it depicting fishnet making.

Skirting alongside the woods of Dunglass Dean.

Coming out of the woods to open views looking over the Dean.

The old ruin of Kirklands near to the farm of Hoprig, looks like it was once a farm house going by the size of it, not much left now but makes a good sheep shelter now though.

Climbing high up to Blackcastle Hill a good workout.

Now at the top & some photo's of the great views all around after I catch my breath, a bite to eat then the fun bit...GoPro on & downhill to Aikengall.

Made it down in one piece, a wee road cycle & it's back home.
& to finish off here is the Go-Pro film of the field track to the bottom to Aikengall, an ear popping descent !

Thanks again for looking bye for now :-)