Saturday, 11 January 2014

A High Hill A Low Sun

Last week I took the high road up to Blackcastle tower & thought that this location would be a great spot for a Geocache, so today after I finished my work I thought while the sun was shinning that I would take a wee jaunt back up again to stash my cache & at least today the views would be nicer than last weeks rain cloud views, so after making up a new cache I set off but this time I took a different route & that was bike on the shoulder & hike the hill straight up...
Just up the back of Innerwick farm is this WWII observation post for monitoring the Forth estuary for German activity it's location has a clear view of the sea high up with no obstructions to block the view.

The abandoned Braidwood farm & as you can see by the top picture the reason why because of the pylon route runs right overhead above the houses.
 In the old days farm cottages all had pigsty's which I think was a great idea for getting rid of kitchen scraps & garden waste & not forgetting a source of home reared meat for the winter.
Came across these clay pigeons in a field from a clay pigeon shoot.

In the valley where the sun doesn't really shine for long at this time of the year & it is cold, boggy & makes for hard pedaling.
Stopping for a wee breather & a drink looking round to see Torness power station has now come into view.

Nearly there...Nearly there... There !

Taking in the fabulous scenery from the top with views of Dunbar, the Bass rock, North Berwick law & the ship that is moored just off Dunbar is the 'SC LAURA' flying the flag of the Bahamas & is 243 metres X 42 metres. It's not until you have something to compare with that you realise just how big these ships are. After enjoying the views & catching my breath again it was time to look for, record the co-ordinates & hide my new Geocache

Long shadows & lonely moon.

Some great effects with the low level light highlighting the nooks & crannies of the rolling landscape.

It seems to take no time at all weaving down the hill towards Aikengall but still great fun at speed.

Nice to be lower down now it was a chilly wind back up at the top.

The route that I intended to take today had to be changed as yet again I could hear the shotguns firing further along the glen & after cycling into the firing line last week there was no way I was making the same mistake so today's journey will just have to be cut short.

About turning & I decided to follow a sheep track up the side of the hill & along here the sun has not covered parts of the hill allowing the frost to remain all day.
This pheasant having the sense to steer clear of the shoot back along the glen.

Well a cycle cut short today but none the less still an enjoyable couple of hours, nice to have the frosty clear days rather than the wet & windy ones that we've had recently, so time now to head for home get the kettle on & register the new Geocache.
Thanks & until next time cheers for now.