Saturday, 4 January 2014

From 360 Views To Seaside Views.

Last weekend before going back to work on Monday after the Christmas holidays & my first post of the year so I fancied getting in a bit of leg work then dropping down to the coast, so leaving Innerwick I headed for Blackcastle transmission tower up on Blackcastle hill where on a clear day you can see for miles in all directions, but today when I eventually got to the top the rain started & the cloud was low so views were limited but still nice to look out onto...

Leaving Innerwick passing this moody looking sheep & his friend looking a bit unhappy with his hairstyle.

Following the signpost at Blackcastle farm onto a steep rocky road which then leads onto a spongy grass hill track up to the tower bypassing this signpost pointing to an old Roman camp but there isn't much to see other than some raised earthworks.

Blackcastle transmission tower & now at the highest point of my journey & the rain decides to start & I could physically feel the difference in temperature up here.

The reward for climbing up here are some soggy views but still nice to look out onto in any weather condition.
Nice to see a bit of colour still in the hedgerows but we have not really had a real cold snap yet & I'm sure the birds will make these rose hips soon disappear when it does come.

Over the other side of Blackcastle hill passing Cocklaw farm then entering into the grounds of the Dunglass estate.

Up on a hill & away from any other buildings on the estate is this odd building, I was once told that it was a reading room for the ladies of the estate to have piece & quiet but I cannot say for sure if this is correct or not.

Some interesting carving above the windows of the building.

The above Latin text 'CURA QUIETEM' which translates to 'Care of the rest' & bottom picture of the inside the building.
Cycling past these old beech trees then onto a clearing with a tree lined valley below then the next thing I hear are whistles then BANG, BANG, BANG with pheasants up in the air a couple falling to the ground in front of me, I then realised that I was in trouble here & needed to think what way to go as I was cycling right into gunfire from a pheasant shoot on the estate, so ducking for cover & trying to stay behind dead ground feeling like Bear Grylls I moved into tree cover & moved in the opposite direction hoping that there wasn't another pheasant drive coming from this direction, so I stealthily sneaked my way down a steep hill through the trees emerging onto a road that runs through the grounds of the estate  thinking phew that was close, great buzz !

Safely out of the line of fire & out of the estate grounds, dropping down to the coast & onto Dunglass beach, I love this wee cottage which I think is only used through the summer months.

Dunglass burn ending it's journey & entering the North Sea.

Some nice tranquil views while pushing the bike along Dunglass beach with the sound of the tide rolling the pebbles around.

Following the path of the John Muir Way & at the end of the beach stopping for a few pictures of the Linn waterfall.

Photos of along the coastal path looking down onto the sea stacks & arches, I like to keep checking on the arches as it can't be long before they fall creating another sea stack.

Further along the cliffs & rocks turn to hills & sand, a nice place to stop & admire the scenery.

Along the Thorntonloch beach some remnants of WWII with these dragons teeth anti invasion blocks & along by the caravan site they have been turned onto their side to create a wall to help stop the erosion.

Across the A1 & nearly home but first I just had to stop & watch the guffy's for a while, it's amazing how they can use there snouts for digging up the ground foraging for food. Anyway that's the first blog done for 2014 & I hope you enjoyed...

...'From 360 Views To Seaside Views'

Thanks for looking & cheers for now.