Saturday, 19 April 2014

Feeling Good On 'Good Friday'.

Waking up in the late morning after a week of night shift, looking forward to a week off from work & hopefully a possible new job on the horizon, opening the curtains to beautiful sunshine, blue skies & no wind the mood was in a good state & there was only one thing to do...
...get out on the bike !

For a change I left behind my home village of Innerwick & decided to go through the Thurston Manor caravan park, down to what's called 'The Glen' which is a more exclusive part of the caravan park with chalets by the man made pond & it all looks very nice but I preferred it when it was a rough long grass field where sheep once grazed. I fished the pond for rainbow trout & back then it was great having just nature & fellow fly fishermen for company, but when they put all these chalets, nice roads & immaculate grass verges it brought an infestation of people who never give you a minutes peace while fishing, why is it that they feel they have to give you advice on what fly pattern to use, or 'you should be fishing the other end of the pond', 'I was here yesterday & caught dozens' blah blah blah F**k off your on holiday here for 2 weeks I live & fish here all year round !!
 Rant over !
 Anyway coming down this way takes you on a nice trek through the glen & brings you out at the Brunt.

And this is how it looked down by the caravan park a few years ago, I know what I prefer.
You have to cross the burn 7 times as it meanders from side to side along the glen & any time now the cattle will be back in the field for another season.

Vast amounts of bloom at the moment like these white flowers of the Blackthorn bushes & on sunny warm days like this it's a real pleasure when out on the bike with all the different aromas from the different species which are in bloom.
Like a winter scene, the hedgerows seem to have flowers in abundance this year which could be down to the very mild winter that we had.

More really strong pungent smells coming from these oilseed rape fields, I saw dozens & dozens of butterflies swarming around these flowers but none would sit long enough for a photo.

The highest point of the day at Brunt Hill looking over to Dunbar town & the Bass Rock beyond in the sea.

My workplace LaFarge Tarmac cement plant where soon I am hoping if all goes well to be making a career change within the company fingers crossed.

A wee cruise along the coast before heading inland again, while taking a photo a nice lady out walking asked me if I would like her to take a photo of me next to my bike....I said 'aye cheers ta', how could I refuse such kindness.
Torness nuclear power plant in the background.

Skateraw beach - All the local beaches have information panels telling you the tide times, what wildlife & nature is doing for the month & information of interest for the area.
Iv'e noticed of late that all the John Muir Way signs east of Dunbar have been changed, the 'Way' has been replaced by 'Link' & the reason being is that the JMW has been extended & now is a coast to coast long distance route of 134 miles which officially opens on the 21st. April. 2014. Which was John Muir's birthday. The route now starts in Helensburgh on the west coast of Scotland & ends at Dunbar in the east coast which was Muir's town of birth. The old JMW route started at Musselburgh just up the road east of Edinburgh & finished in Cockburnspath at the start/end point of the Southern Upland Way long distance route. So now the new extended route doesn't incorporate the short section from Dunbar to Cockburnspath.
A road kill flattened female Badger called a sow, such a shame, I hate seeing these majestic countryside animals slumped at the sides of the road.

Innerwick castle has seen a bit of a make over recently with a bit of tree felling probably to get better photographs of it as it was pretty much hidden from the camera. 
Why ?
Well the castle has been put up for sale with offers over £75,000.00 & it even comes with a Barony title, so if any of you readers fancy becoming king of your own castle & have a few thousand pounds to spare, well here you go !
And on that note it's time to sign off for some family fun up the hills, some sausages cooked on a bonfire with marsh mallows for dessert :-)
Happy Days.

Thanks for visiting & I hope you enjoyed the ride cheers for now.