Friday, 25 April 2014

Oh What A Murky Morning

Today I had to take my car to the garage down in Dunbar, so it was the bike into the car boot & off to the garage to drop it off to be repaired then a nice cycle along the coast back home.

After dropping off the car it was down onto the town's east esplanade heading for the golf coarse.

Entering the grounds of the Dunbar Golf Coarse.

Washed up lobster creel, a mute swan & shelducks.
A lot of damage was done due to during the storms we had here earlier in the year, the green keepers have repaired & shored up the worst affected parts of the coarse with stone filled gabions, but there is still as you can see a lot of work still to be done.

Erosive forces at work.

A sad sight to come across this dead grey seal which has been washed ashore, it's amazing how big these beasts are & the picture of my foot beside it doesn't do it's size justice !
 Not sure what the big hole is on it's lower abdomen, but when I got home I tried to contact the local Ranger service to inform them but unfortunately no one answered so I had to leave an answer phone message, so my wife contacted one of her friends who is a marine biologist for the Scottish government.
Sea Buckthorn, I love this plant it has an unusual green hue to it's leaves & has amazing bright orange berries in the autumn time & I once saw a programme where the berries were used to make champagne.
Only half of the cement works visible today, the other half enveloped in the Scotch mist.
 The incoming tide covering the hollows that were once the root bundles of trees from the carboniferous period around 340 million years ago.

This section between White Sands & Barns Ness is a geological hotspot with so much to see if you know what to look for.
Even on a dreich day like today the gorse bushes always have a bright sunny smile.

Innerwick my base camp is up there in the hills somewhere I'll just follow the smell of bacon rolls & coffee to guide me home !

Thanks for looking & cheers for now.