Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Pre Work Pedal.

Wednesday was a scorching sunny day & too good to waste tinkering around in the garden before backshift at work, so it was out with the bike & a wee workout up to Blackcastle Tower where on sunny days the views are great, so off I went...
Up through the graveyard on my way out the village, an amazing graveyard this as the church is built on top of a small hill & the graveyard is on it's steep sides & with graves as old as the 1500's through time some bones, teeth etc have worked their way up to the surface exposing themselves to the daylight where through time they are bleached white, a bit morbid but none the less I have came across some interesting bits of bone/teeth.
Every time I cycle past this substation I always end up having the song 'Electric Avenue' by Eddy Grant stuck in my head !..

...'Oh no, we gonna rock down to electric avenue and then we'll take it higher'...

Passing by the old railway box van at Blackcastle farm which through the farm will be my exit on the return loop, but first it's up the hill past the farm through the trees where the birdsong coming from the woods was very vocal in this quiet sunny day.

Forever heading upwards passing through Cocklaw farm where I spotted this Roe deer which was kind enough to stand long enough for me to take a couple of photos.

Up & up I go & evidence of cows in this field, cow pats & flies everywhere but where are the coo's hiding !

And there they are, after a bit 'YAH-YAH' the cows took off but then they must of thought 'No we've got this wrong' & about turned to come back my way but by that time I was safely over the cattle grid in another field.

Now at the top of Blackcastle hill with...
...beautiful views over the rolling hills & sea.
Barns Ness lighthouse way down there.

Blackcastle tower, I have no idea how tall it is but when I look at the ladder to the top it makes my palms sweat, I don't know how those free climber guys like Mustang Wanted & James Kingston can do what they do, brave or nuts I'm not sure !
LaFarge Tarmac cement plant, above that the crude oil tanker 'Bravo' flying the flag of Malta 249m long X 44m wide.
Dunbar town by the sea.

And now the fun part bombing down the hill to Blackcastle farm taking big swooshing slalom turns.
Torness power station, and above in the sea is the container ship 'Nor Feeder' from Gibraltar with a length & breadth of 101m X 18.5m.

And back to the Blackcastle farm, a little bit of downhill by road back to Innerwick.

Not keen on cycling along the roads but at this time of the year the roadside hedgerows are some of the best places for all the flora & fauna that nature has to offer, anyway back to my base in Innerwick with just enough time to get my stuff together & then it's off to work, oh the joys !

Bye for now.