Saturday, 9 August 2014

Introducing Scott To The Area.

I recently bought a new bike to add to the armoury of bikes, the Scott 'Scale 760'
So with working shifts, kids on the school holidays & heavy downpours of rain etc etc it was a wee while before I had the chance to get out on it for a blast around the area to introduce the bike to it's new surroundings.

So from my house I took an easterly heading out of the village as I could hear a combine working in a near by field, only to get there to find it stopped with the farmer doing something to the front end of the machine. Never mind onwards towards Torness power station to have a little pedal around the stations coastal perimeter.

Taking the upper level pathway where you are a few feet higher so you can get better views out to sea.
I'm amazed that no one has been drowned & washed out to sea here  at the water outlet, often you see people fishing where the above guys are fishing with chest waders on when it is high tide is & these desperados are wading up to more or less up to their armpits !  

It's been a wee while since I was last around this way & there has been some new information boards put in place with interesting facts about the wildlife that lives within the power stations grounds.

Very impressed with Scott so far.

Some views around Torness.

Bike photos at Skateraw.

Some beach art that I came across along the pathway.

Leaving Skateraw & now at Barnes Ness & it's amazing the power of the sea yields, normally the beach is near enough sand from end to end but just now half of the beach is covered with rocks.

A huge fossil filled limestone rock.

Barns Ness lighthouse looking rather dapper with it's fresh coat of paint.

Gloomy clouds building for a down pour.
Low tide at Whitesands beach.

The old north west quarry of the cement works, exhausted of it's cement producing resources it is now being re-generated into a haven for nature, with hundreds of native species tree's planted & wild grasses introduced which has brought in a whole range of wildlife from insects & birds etc.

Crossing over the A1 dual carriageway & climbing up towards Doonhill with some braw views overlooking the golden fields, & now that I'm away from the coastal breeze the flies seem to have swamped me as I climb uphill in this hot & humid weather.

The fields are smelling amazing just now with a sort of mealy smell to them as they are ready to harvest.

I'd love to live here at the Brunt Hill cottage, a nice wee lottery win & I could have my ideal abode with tree's, fields & peace & quiet... Ah bliss it would be !

Young pheasants being fattened up at the Brunt ready for the shooting season in October, Mr. Fox must be enjoying the free for all at the moment.

From leaving the coast it's been a rollercoaster ride up & down hills but worth the persistent swarm of flies for the views.

Enjoying my first ride on my new wheels & they are slightly bigger wheels than what I'm used to being 650b's.

And my nemesis the curious coo's are keen to have a look at my new bike too which I dare say they will be chasing soon enough ! 

Back home to the village & I could hear the combine so I went for a look.

I always think there's something magical about harvest time & I think growing up in the countryside it always brings back great memories of childhood playing in the fields after the harvest on the bales of straw, following the combine up & down the field etc, & even now into adulthood it's great playing in the fields after the harvest as the stubble fields open up more avenues to explore on the bike.

So that'll be that then, a little short blast on my new bike & I look forward to many more adventures to come.

Thanks for looking & cheers for now :-)