Monday, 20 May 2013

A Ride Along The Coast.

My daughter Jasmin wanted me to take her for one of my cycles, so as she doesn't cycle much I decided to take her on an easy hill free route along part of the 'John Muir Way' meeting her in Dunbar so I set off to meet her...

An owl nesting box although it was crows I seen going into it !
The 'John Muir Way' takes you along the costal edge of East Links golf coarse in Dunbar So as the sign says you have to keep your wits about you for stray golf balls.
A nice feature on the golf coarse is the Brox burn coming from Broxmouth Estate as it ends it's journey into the sea.
Passing the clubhouse & entering the East Esplanade...
...To meet up with Jasmin.
This was the site of the largest outdoor swimming pool in Scotland sadly demolished in the 80's, The building top right is the new indoor pool that replaced it.
An old postcard of the outdoor pool although it looked different when I was a bairn it had diving boards next to the rock on the right, water fountains & huge slides, Spent many days there during the school summer holidays, All in all it had the big pool, a kids pool & a boating pond.
A sneaky peek at Dunbar Castle through the vennel.
The 'Bridge to Nowhere' A recent exhibition in the town library of some great photographs of the bridge taken by local photographers where proceeds were donated to the R.N.L.I.

The Biel burn my favourite fishing place when I was a bairn.
John Muir country park.
The Skittery burn heading out towards the river Tyne before entering the sea.
Jasmin needed a breather after about 2 miles !
Sand Martins taking advantage of the erosion on the tree line burrowing their nests into the soft sand.
Looking out to the Tyne estuary.
We leave the John Muir Way at this point to head back a different route.

Popped into Foxlake Wakeboarding centre for a wee look it opened last year & seems very busy but not today.

Bluebells covering the woodland floor.
After saying goodbye to Jasmin I headed back towards the John Muir Way on the way home. Looks like someone had a better use for the brass plaque on the bottom !
My place of work, LaFarge cement works.

Back onto the JMW this is Whitesands beach.
Barns Ness Lighthouse.
Barns Ness beach.

A colourful little sea urchin I found on the beach.
Radio controlled sheep ? The wire on their horns are meant to stop their horns growing back into their skulls so I'm told !
Torness nuclear power station, a nice thing to have on your doorstep !!

Skateraw lime kiln there is another kiln back along the coast near Whitesands.
Skateraw beach, the lime kiln to the mid left.
The R.N.L.I. lifeboat moored at Torness harbour.

The sea wave & tidal defensive 'dollys' surrounding the perimeter of the power station as the seas can get pretty rough here in the east coast.
Thanks for looking keep on biking.