Thursday, 23 May 2013

Up & Up Into The Hills !

After the coastal low level cycle at the weekend with my daughter I decided to go for a lung burster of a hill climb & headed off towards an old abandoned farm holding called Boonslie...Here we go...
Some of the locals.
Turning off the little country road I headed up the pylon maintenance road.
Passing my old house at Weatherly.
Horrible feeling in your head when your close to the pylons buzzing away !
Looking back over to Dunbar.
A stunning area spoilt by pylons & wind turbines ! Started off with a few wind turbines now there are hundreds of them, its like a scene from war of the worlds.

Now at the highest point of the route Boonslie farm holding.
A room with a view.

North Berwick Law in the distance, an old volcanic plug.
The Bass Rock out in the sea again an old volcanic plug now a home for one of the biggest Gannet colony's in the world.

The end of the Herring road for me turning off to go a different route, A wee video of the route heading into the Halls farm music by the Chemical Brothers.

Some great wee features around the walk of Pressmennan woods for the kids to find & keep them interested.

Trapain law.

Some Go-Pro footage of the top walk & the lakeside walk, Music by the Dead Kennedys & Sham 69.

The village of Stenton & the kirk some amazing old gravestones around the East Lothian kirk yards I'm planning a cycle around the local kirks to get some photos of the old gravestones as I have a book called 'East Lothian gravestones' by Dr. Isla Donaldson it gives explanations about the carvings on the gravestones & their meanings so watch this space.

The fields of oil seed rape smell amazing really strong on a sunny day.

Wild Garlic covering the woodland floor.

The aptly named Starvation brae in Spott a never ending uphill climb with great views at the top.
Trapain law in the distance.

I love these old road signs that are all over the country side here in East Lothian, They are all pre-metric distances.
Anyway time to sign off now hope you enjoyed the photos until next time cheers.