Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kona's 1st outing.

Bought myself the new 'Kona-Cinder Cone' mountain bike I thought my 'Giant-Talon 3' needed a wee rest it's done a lot of hard work ( Any excuse )so heres a few pictures & a video of the Kona's maiden ride.
The fishery at Thurston Manor caravan park, I used to fish here a lot for stocked Rainbow Trout when it was a wild glen but it has now been developed by the caravan park as a residence for chalets.
The resident swans on the fishery the hen safely sitting on eggs on the island.

Pinkerton horse stud farm a few pounds worth here.
A long never ending climb up to Doon Hill where there are the remains of an iron age fort.

Not much photographic scope here as all that is here are concrete outlines to where the fort once stood.
And here it is my first photo of my new bike :-)

A trig point on the summit of Doon Hill overlooking the town of Dunbar.

Spott kirk the place of my wedding to my amazing Mrs.
'Jougs' which are on the wall entering the kirks door, People were displayed here for public ridicule for offences caused here in Scotland.
'Spott Brock' a nice short walking route just outside the village of Spott, The woods smell amazing at this time of year as wild garlic carpets the forest floor.

The above few picture are all thats left of Spott water works which at one time supplied the town of Dunbar with drinking water until the dam was breached & destroyed after a great storm.
The 'Witches Stane' just outside the village of Spott where Marion Lillie the Ringwoody witch was burnt here in 1698, The Stane is reputed to stand on the site of the burning of the last witch in the south of Scotland. Near to this site stood the Birley Tree under whose branches the Birley Court was held.

It's a local tradition to place a coin on the Stane when passing to avoid bad luck a tradition that I have passed down to my kids. At certain times of the year there is often melted candle wax & burnt out inscence sticks prooving that witchcraft is still practised in Scotland !
 Locally known as 'Ozzie Dean' a beautiful glen with the Spott burn running through it, A place where I spent a lot of time when I was a kid shooting rabbits & riding my first mountain bike a 'Falcon Scierra'.

Doon Hill in the background.
Over the wall & into 'Brandsmill' the next farm

Home now for a mug of coffee & put the feet up, Im well pleased with my new Kona although I will be replacing the saddle with a more comfy one, Anyway i'll sign off now with a Go-Pro video I shot around Spott Brock the music is 'Believe' by the 'Chemical Brothers' Hope you enjoy :-) until next time Cheers.