Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Up With The Birds !

Woke up wide awake at 04:10 this morning with the birds singing in full voice & the orange glow of the sun glaring into my bedroom, no chance of getting back to sleep with all the bird song so thought I might as well get out on the bike, 10 minutes later & I was on my way...
Innerwick church glowing in the early morning sun.

The field side path leaving the village avoiding the roads.
This field side farm track runs along side the busy A1 & at the end at the field gate there's a cross over to the fields on the other side of the A1 so the farm traffic doesn't have to use the busy road.
Now across the A1 & at the bottom of the brussels sprouts field a wee look back at the village thinking to myself I wish I was still in my bed ! but the nice fresh air & stillness of the early morning keeps me going.

Even my work place 'LaFarge cement works' has a nice glow about it this morning.

(top) Photo is the charred result of a steam train the 'Union of South Africa' passing last week when I went down to see it & it set the rail embankment on fire !
(middle) 4 pictures the steam train passing north bound from London to Edinburgh.
(bottom) The railway embankment on fire.
Farm track leading from Skateraw farm to the beach.

The 'SC SARA' tanker from Liberia moored in the Firth of Forth for the last fortnight waiting to get into the docks it's length & breadth is 239m X 42m.
Barns ness lighthouse now unused.

The Skateraw lime kilns were built between 1799 & 1825 by two local farmers Brodie of Thorntonloch & Lee of Skateraw, to ship limestone to Devon & then return with coal.

Huge slabs of limestone rock & covered from end to end in marine fossils dating back 250-350 million years ago !

Cycling the coastal perimeter of Torness power station heading for Thorntonloch.

Dunbar fishing boats out early checking their creels for their catch of Lobsters.

Another early riser a sea angler fishing the outlet of Torness for Mullet.

Thorntonloch caravan park a beautifully situated small scale caravan park right on the beach front with the stunning clean & quiet Thorntonloch beach.

Back across the A1 again heading home the Thornton railway bridge & buried power line warning from Torness.

My wife's friends old 60's hippy Bedford bus.
Old farm buildings at Crowhill, other parts of the farm buildings have been developed into new houses, nice to see them being re-generated rather than demolished & horrible new style houses built in their place.
Crowhill weather station.

I love this wee woodland trail & almost back home for a big mug of coffee, some bacon & eggs & hopefully a wee sleep before backshift !
Until next time bye for now.