Saturday, 17 August 2013

Following The Front Wheel !

Today I just could not think of a route that I wanted to do, so I thought that I would just follow the front wheel & make a decision when I needed to turn left or right, which ended up taking me just under 28 miles, cycling along the coast & into the country, here we go ..
Heading firstly to the coast I made a short trip along the A1 to get onto the now de-commissioned Dry Burn road, the road was de-commissioned due to the A1 being made into a duel carriageway a few years ago.

 McArthur's Store or Spott's Girnell (granary) as it was first known, was first recorded in 1658 located on a spur of rock within the eastern harbour of Dunbar that had been established a few years earlier under Oliver Cromwell. Early charters described the property as the "white herring house with girnell". The building is one of the oldest continuously used harbour buildings in Scotland.
The building was recently restored & the restoration of McArthurs Stores has been undertaken by the Dunbar Harbour Trust to create 11 fishermen's stores, an office for the Trust, and a meeting room that can be used by the harbour users & the wider community.

Lobster creels & harbour views.
Looking from McArthur's Store over to the Victoria harbour & castle ruins.
You can just make out the Roman numerals carved into a stone on the entrance into the Cromwell harbour indicating the high tide mark.
A good photo of the columnar basalt in the form of the characteristic hexagonal columns formed when molten rock of this type cooled. contracted & solidified.

A trip down memory lane when Dunbar had the largest open air swimming pool in Scotland, had many a great day down here sadly now gone forever.

Some nice views around Dunbar's rugged coastline.
A patriotic house down at Belhaven.

The Biel Burn part of the John Muir Way long distance route & a Wood Pigeon having a rest enjoying the views.

Lilly's in the John Muir Country Park pond.

Years & years of graffiti in one of the many old WWII buildings in the John Muir park almost like a visitor book for people to sign with peoples names & names of music bands some that I noticed dating back to the punk rock days of the 70's !

Recently restored information panels at John Muir Park.
Purple heather in full flower right next to the beach.
Beach shelter built from driftwood on the anti tank blocks.

A stone's throw from Tyninghame at the other side of the Tyne river.
Crows taking advantage of the harvest time.

 Cool Kona :-)
Sign post for the Knowes farm shop near East Linton.


 Dunbar in the distance.
 The Dry Burn living up to it's name, just a few pools of water but not for long once the rain starts after the summer !

A bit of an aimless wonder today, however it's always good to be out on the bike, holiday next week so got a couple of big cycles planned, just wish I had my good camera back for it ! Hope you enjoyed the local sights around my area until the next blog bye for now.