Friday, 19 July 2013

Country Ride Sizzler !

High Temperatures are still present here in Scotland with readings in the 30+oC, very unusual for Scotland to have such a prolonged period of hot settled weather, according to the media it's the longest heatwave in 7 years !! Very hard to fore see this in the springtime of this year where we had the coldest spring since 1962 & the 5th coldest since 1910, anyway this weather is too nice to waste sitting around the house so my instincts were to head for the coast but at the last minute had a change of heart & decided to head up into the hills, so let's hit the trail...

Cycling west out of the village gaining some height & already I'm regretting not opting for the coast the heat is intense, even the sheep are trying to find shade.
Nice to get a few minutes in the shade.
Heading up the electricity pylon & wind turbine maintenance road or as I like to call it electric avenue.

Cutting off the maintenance road passing my old house at Weatherly through the fields that I regularly walked my dog leading down & into Woodhall Dean nature reserve.

After being followed by curious cows I joined into the Woodhall Dean walk only for a short section before continuing over another field heading for the Halls farm, but first taking advantage of the shade for a quick bite to eat & being bombarded by flies !

The fields are now in desperate need of rain as the grass is scorched everywhere.
An old rail wagon used as a shed many moons ago, this one has an Elder bush growing inside it.
Cycling down 'The Sneep' towards the Halls farm but I will be turning off before I reach the farm.

 Travelling through these fields between the glens the heat was almost unbearable.

Frizzels wood to the left & Burnhead wood to the right & pushing the bike through this long grass was a nightmare, all the seeds falling from the long grass ending up inside my socks & boots & legs getting scratched & stung to bits, but on the plus side I saw my first 'Red Kite' a bird of prey I knew that there are a few pairs around the area but have never been lucky enough to see any, until today :-) but as usual by the time I got the camera out it had gone into the tree's !
At the end of the field I found this old shed with these old bikes in it, looking a bit worse for wear now but I suppose at one time they were someone's pride & joy.

Cutting through a cross country track to the farm of Little Spott & the old farm buildings converted into expensive dwellings for townies looking for a country retreat.
Dunbar in the distance.

Field side trail to the Pleasance farm.
Passing by Wester Broomhouse farm, this must be one of the cleanest & tidiest farms I have seen.
Doon Hill where I'm heading for.
In the distance is Spott estate pigeon doocot.
Zoomed in & looking over to Dunbar with the parish church to the right.
Doon Hill again with Spott mill to the mid left.

Spott mill converted into a house. More long grass to trundle through.

An old ruin at the bottom of Doon hill, looks like this may have been an old lodge house for the Spott estate.
A change from long grass now long ferns instead ! If I haven't picked up some Ticks today I will be amazed.

Derelict farm houses at Little Pinkerton farm.

LaFarge cement works with the loch created by quarrying the limestone, now being returned to nature Dunbar with the Bass Rock seemingly floating in the Firth of Forth.
Came across this well made sign at Pinkerton to slow down the cars, the writing at the bottom of the red triangle reads ' Our kids are growing up and they could be lurking-Proceed with caution ' Think you would need telescopic vision to read that while driving.
Nearly home & I spotted this flock of Seagulls circling in the same direction it looked mad almost like a tornado !
Last wee bit of the trip the safe route alongside the A1.
Was glad to be home after the intense heat of the day to sit under shade in the garden with a nice cold drink.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed thanks for looking.
Cheers for now.