Thursday, 4 July 2013

Trees, Beaches, Rocks 'n' Blocks.

After viewing a friends pictures of his bike ride down past Tyninghame to the beautiful beaches of Peffer Sands & Ravensheugh Sands then around the woods in the Tyninghame area I just had to go for a look myself, admittedly this is an area that I'm not too familiar with & haven't spent a lot of time here so it was great seeing the sights across the other side of the river Tyne, after dropping my car off at the garage I went on my way following some of my usual countryside routes heading for a new adventure...

A safe path along side the busy A1 dual carriageway then onto a safer to cycle country road towards the farm of South Belton.

 Passing the South Belton farm, still life in an old Beech tree & a farm track leading down to a ford crossing the Biel Burn.

The ruin of a lectern style pigeon doocot belonging to Belton House. I love pigeon doocots so many different designs & although many look the same, they are all different.
Crossing the footbridge over the Biel burn.

Some nice green scenery through a horse field towards a farm road heading to North Belton farm running alongside the A1.

Hedderwick farm.

Cycling along farm tracks & old decommissioned roads, it's amazing how quick nature takes back what's hers, this road was drivable a couple of years ago.

Passing under the A1 underpass & crossing over the East Coast Main Line & now nearly at the Tyninghame road.
A Megalithic standing stone at Kiklandhill, this is one of the largest standing stones in East Lothian at 3.40 meters high, the stone may also be a summer & winter solstice marker with the peak of North Berwick law to the West.

 Driveway leading through Tyninghame Estate.
 Looking across the fields to the Tyne estuary.
Tyninghame House, there was a manor at Tyninghame in 1094, & it was later a property of the Lauder of the Bass family, In the 17th century it was sold to the Earl of Haddington. The present building dates from 1829 when the 9the Earl of Haddington employed William Burn to greatly enlarge the house in the Baronial style. In 1987 the contents of the house were sold & the house was divided into flats.

Dragon horse jumps.

 After passing through Tyninghame estate & now following the coastal paths towards the beaches.

Beautiful beaches of Peffer & Ravensheugh Sands with the impressive Bass Rock & sand dunes.

Some bike shots & the bottom picture of the rock the bike were taken from at Bathan's Strand.

Some bike, sea & rock shots at the headland of St. Baldred's Cradle.
Looking over towards Dunbar with the castle in the centre.

Some amazing rock formations on the beach in front of the Links Wood.

Loads of Mussel shells washed ashore from the Mussel beds out in the river Tyne estuary.
 Don't think this Pine tree has long standing in the vertical position !

Riding through the Links Wood & coming across dozens upon dozens of anti tank blocks.

Anti tank block gateway, not sure how this operated but it's like something was located on the blocks to the right & left, then the cylinder shaped ones maybe rolled around closing off the gate ?

 Nice woodland paths heading back towards the car park.
Cycling up the long straight road of the Lime Tree Walk & a last wee picture of the impressive Tyninghame House.
What's this ?
A geyser in the grass ?...
...No a leaking water irrigation pipe as seen behind watering the potato crop.

Back on the home side of the river Tyne with the river mouth being swallowed up by the high tide, following the John Muir Way path towards John Muir Country Park.
More anti tank blocks, someone has built up driftwood over the blocks to make a shelter.

Crossing the Hedderwick burn to continue along the tree line through the JM country park.

Leaving the JM country park & passing through the village of West Barns where I grew up.

Seafield pond just outside West Barns a real haven for water birds.
Anyway time to call it a day, I hope you enjoyed the photos, bye for now.