Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer Sunset Cycle

We have had an unusual long spell of hot summer weather resulting in some awesome sunrises & sunsets, I wanted to do a dusk cycle to catch the sun going down so decided to head up high to the top of Brunt Hill which has stunning views over the the river Tyne estuary & along the coast looking over to the kingdom of Fife, so I set off from Innerwick on my mission...

Heading west from the village & passing the Queen Victoria diamond jubilee water trough.

 The pigeon doocot of the former Thurston Manor House estate, there was 2 of these doocots identical to one another but one was demolished in recent times for some reason !

Sneaking down these steps at the back of the caravan park emerging out into the Thurston Glen en route to the Brunt.

Some of the views along the glen, hard going through part of it due to long grass choking up in the rear derailer.

The Brunt farm steading with 3 pigeon holes on the south facing wall of the building.

Leaving the small country road past the Brunt to continue up this steep gravel farm track leading to the Brunt Hill where I planned to watch the sunset. Took the gamble that there was no bull in this field as it had barley growing in it.

Stopping for a drink half way up this steep hill & took a couple of photos while catching my breath in this hot evening air.

 Scottish Thistle's.

The first of about 10 Roe Deer that I seen during this cycle.
 Traprain Law.
 Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh far in the distance.
 North Berwick Law.
 The Bass Rock.
 The river Tyne estuary.

A perfect place for watching the sun go down, only wish that I took my Jetboil Flash stove for a cup of coffee & cook some sausages to scoff while I was watching.

Setting up the camera for a sunset shot & it really enhances the colours in the sky.

Foxglove's & Pine tree's.

 A beautiful looking prehistoric sunset with the sun glowing orange & the extinct volcanoes, time to hit the road home though before the light totally goes.
 A hunter's high hide.

Taking the eastern path down off the Brunt Hill going downhill to the Brunt farm steading.

Peek a boo, another Roe Deer.

The potato crops needing irrigated during this hot spell of weather. Well that's all folks, home now for a bonfire in my converted beer barrel & some sausages & wine with the wife in the garden, great weather for a change ! 
Bye for now.