Sunday, 14 July 2013

The 'Fairy Glen'.

Yet again the sun was shinning here in Innerwick with blue skies, hot & no wind.
 Earlier in the week I had planned a wee cycle with my daughter Ceilidh over the weekend, asking her where she wanted to go for a cycle she left the choice up to me, so I thought I would take her to a secret place called the 'Fairy Glen' which is named after the 'Fairy Castle's' which are pinnacles of conglomerate rock, isolated after erosion on the floor of the glen.
 This site/reserve is looked after by the Scottish Wildlife Trust as it is an area of diverse species of plants & butterfly's & the fascinating geology.
So let's hit the road & get going...

A big bull with a field all to himself.

 A lot of the hill burns have dried up due to the lack of rain over the last couple of weeks.

Looking back down the road.
 Arrived at the Fairy Glen, now just got to scramble down to the bottom.

Normally there is a burn here but again it has dried up.

Some butterfly spotters trying to clamber down the steep hill. We spotted loads of butterflies here today but every time I tried to get a photo they would fly off !

Maybe no pictures of Butterflies but this majestic Hare took off up the hill but stopped long enough to pose for a picture.

 Going to pack the tent onto the bike one day & spend a night or two here it's beautiful & quiet just how I like it.

Some views around the bottom end of the glen, after a quick drink & snack it's onwards & upwards up past the wind turbine road towards Monynut forest.

Ceilidh negotiating her way through a sheep track to get onto the road.
 An old sheepfold which is an enclosure for the shepherd to examine his herd.

 The heat in the forest was almost unbearable.

 The Monynut burn all dried up.

 A lot of forestry work happening here which looks quite destructive but at the end of the day these soft wood pine trees were planted as a crop to harvest.
 Leaving the Monyunut Forest.
An amazing machine to watch in action how it can process a tree in seconds, a tree harvester.
 Crichness wood all gone.

I think there's something about posing a MTB next to a pile of logs !! love it.

Following this trail up towards the Crystal Rig wind farm.
 Another sheepfold & shepherds hut by the tree line.
 Purple Scottish Heather.

 Destruction of nature on a huge scale !!

Nearly back home & looking forward to a nice rewarding bottle of cider just the thing for a hot summers day.
Hope you enjoyed the post & please visit again soon, bye for now